The Spatulate Hand

The Spatulate or active nervous type (Plate I., Part II.) is usually
crooked or irregular looking, with large tips or pads at the ends of the
fingers, rather like the spatula chemists use and from which peculiarity
this type gets its name. The people who possess this type are in fact
always "pounding" at something. They are full of untiring energy,
enormous workers in everything they take up, and generally remarkable
for their originality.

They are not built on the hard set square lines of the former type. These
persons have enormous imagination, their creative faculties largely
developed. They are inventive, unconventional, emotional, demonstrative,
and in fact the complete opposite in character to the class who possesses
the square type of hand.

The Spatulate type has also the palm irregular in shape. It may be wider
at the base of the fingers than at the wrist, or it may be found _vice

In the first case they are then more practical in their work and views
and less impulsive. With the larger development at the wrist, they are
more carried away with their impulses, hasty and impetuous in temper,
speech, and action.

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