Health The Mount Of Jupiter (negative)

The Mount of Jupiter may be considered negative or mental when the
subject is born between the dates of February 19th and March 20th, and in
a slighter degree until the 28th.

In this case the ambition takes rather the mental form than what might be
termed material. Brain work and brain development is more their
speciality than other forms of effort.

They seem to possess a kind of natural understanding of things and easily
acquire all sorts of knowledge about a large variety of things,
especially the history of countries, races, peoples, geographical,
botanical, and geological researches.

In spite of this mental ambition, these people are usually so very
sensitive and so lacking in self-confidence that they find the greatest
difficulty in carrying out their plans and making people believe in their
projects. For this reason they appear to shrink from coming before the
public, and have to stand aside and see others getting the credit for
what really was their plan.

A great number of literary people, composers and artists are born in this
period and exhibit all the qualities that it represents. It is again a
strong clear Line of Head which, if found on the hand, will determine
whether the mental will power is sufficient to make this type overcome
its natural sensitiveness and use the great qualities they have to carry
out their aims and ambitions.

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