The Mount Of Jupiter And Its Meaning

The Mount of Jupiter is found at the base of the first finger.
When large, it shows desire to dominate, to rule and command
others, to lead and organise, and to carry out some distinct object. But
these good qualities will only be employed if the Line of Head is clear
and long. When this line is poor and badly formed, then a large Mount of
Jupiter gives pride, excess of vanity, a self-confident and a
self-opinionated person. But on what is known as a good well-marked hand,
there is no Mount more excellent and no surer indication of success from
sheer strength of character and purpose.

This Mount may be considered Positive when a person is found born between
November 21st and December 20th, and in a minor way until the 28th. These
persons are naturally ambitious, fearless and determined in all they
undertake, but in acting on their impulses, they generally "hit too
straight from the shoulder," or show their ambition too plainly, and so
arouse antagonism, opposition, and enmity.

They concentrate all their attention on whatever they may be doing at the
moment and see no way but their own, especially if they feel the least
opposition to their plans. They are, however, honourable and high
principled in almost all they undertake and respond to any trust or
confidence placed in them.

They are usually extremely truthful and bitterly resent any attempt at
deception, and do not hesitate to unmask any effort to deceive others,
even when such an action on their part may ruin their own plans.

They have great enterprise in business and all matters requiring
organisation, and easily become the heads of businesses, or hold
responsible positions in government offices or under the government. They
rarely become politicians, for the simple reason that they cannot bear to
bend to any party plans or schemes.

They are perhaps the most independent of all types in choosing their own
careers. Because their father may have happened to be a clergyman will be
no reason for them to follow his example or even hold the same views on

It is for this reason that in early life such subjects are a cause of
worry and anxiety to their parents; but they should always be allowed to
choose their own career and even change it a dozen times if they wish,
until at last they find their true vocation.

The great fault of this class is that they are inclined to go to extremes
in all things, and in doing so exhaust their efforts, and then change and
fly off in another direction. But in all cases where the Line of Head is
well-marked, especially when lying straight across the palm, there is no
height in position or responsibility that they may not reach.

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