The Island The Circle The Spot And The Grille

The Island is never a fortunate sign. Whereever it makes its appearance,
it reduces the promise of the Line or Mount on which it may be found.

On the Line of Life it shows delicacy or illness at that particular date
where it appears.

On the Line of Head, weakness of the brain, danger of brain illness.

On the Line of Heart, weakness of the heart, and
especially so when under the Mount of the Sun.

On the Line of Fate, heavy loss in worldly matters, worry, and anxiety
about the subject's destiny.

On the Line of Sun, loss of position and generally by some scandal.

On the Line of Health, serious illness if on the upper
part of the Line and with small round finger-nails, throat and bronchial
troubles. With long nails, delicacy of the lungs and chest. With short
nails without moons, bad circulation and weak action of the heart; and
with very flat nails, nerve diseases and paralysis.

Lower down on the Line of Health on the Mount of the Moon, it indicates
a grave tendency towards kidney and bladder troubles.


Any Line that forms itself into an island or that runs into one, is a bad
sign for that Line or particular part of the hand on which it is found.
An island on any of the Mounts weakens the qualities of what the Mount

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