La Croix Mystique The Ring Of Solomon

What is called "La Croix Mystique" is found in the quadrangle of the hand
between the Lines of Heart and Head.

It is more usually found in the centre of this part of the hand, but it
may be also found nearer the one side of the quadrangle or the other.

This mark denotes a natural gift or talent for mysticism and occultism of
all kinds.

When placed nearer Jupiter, it denotes the employment of these studies
more to gratify the subject's own pride or ambition than the following
out of such things for their own sake.

When it is in the centre of the quadrangle, across the Line of Fate, or
immediately under the Mount of Saturn, such studies become more of a
religion or are followed for their own worth and the influence and truth
of occultism will play a leading role in the whole career. Most likely
the possessor of this mark will follow it as a profession, or will
crystallise his researches into the form of books.

When this mark lies lower down in the quadrangle, nearer to the Mount of
the Moon, the subject will study some form of occultism more from a
superstitious standpoint than any other. None the less, he will be likely
to succeed in doing so, and influence other people through his studies,
and with this latter form he will be more likely to write beautiful
mystic poetry with the prophetic note running through it very strongly.

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