Ascending Lines

When the Line of Life is found with a number of ascending lines, even if
they are small, it denotes a life of greater energy; and the dates at
which these lines ascend from the Line of Life may always be considered
points at which the subject has made a particular effort towards whatever
may have been the special purpose of his destiny at that moment. When
these lines are seen ascending towards or on the Mount of Jupiter (1-1,
Plate X.), it indicates the desire and ambition to rise in life,
especially in some way that would give the subject control or authority
over others. If one of the lines be found partly arrested or stopped at
the Line of Head (2-2, Plate X.), it indicates that the subject has by
some mental error of judgment or stupidity, broken or prevented the
effort, which started well, from reaching a successful termination. If
one of these lines reaches and stops at the Line of Heart, it indicates
that the affections have, or will, interfere with the subject's special
effort in whatever direction this line indicates. If one of these lines
crosses and joins the line of Fate, it indicates and
gives two distinct dates which are very curious in their meaning. The
first date it gives is when this line leaves the Line of Life on its way
towards the Line of Fate. The date of this start towards the Line of Fate
will be given on the Line of Fate itself, right opposite where this line
begins to grow from the Line of Life. This mark will denote that the
subject has made a determined effort at that moment in his career to make
his own destiny, and to break free from the circumstances or people that
surround him or tie him down.

It is always a successful sign when this line is found to join the Line
of Fate, especially if the Line of Fate looks stronger at or about this
point of the junction.

The second date is given at the period in the Line of Life when one is
reading down the Line of Life itself. The singular point about this is
that a repetition of circumstances will be found to occur in the destiny.
Suppose, for example, one saw this line going towards the Fate Line at
twenty-six years of age--a circumstance or repetition of the occurrence
will be found to occur at almost double that age, namely, fifty-two years
of age, which would give a more or less exact date of this occurrence
when reading the Line of Life. As an illustration to help the reader I
may say that I have generally found that this mark will indicate that the
subject has, in the first instance, broken free from some tie at an early
date, and that a similar occurrence will take place at the second date,
viz., late in life, when again the subject seems to break free from some
tie, and goes out more into the world for himself.

This curious sign very often helps in deciding matters as regards
marriage. The man, or woman, will apparently assert his independence
more, and leave the ties of home life, and again go out in the world and
fight the battle for himself, as he did in the earlier part of his
existence, when he probably left his parents' influence and forged ahead
for himself.

When the ascending line is seen crossing over towards the Mount of
Saturn, and running as an independent line not joined to the Line of Fate
(6, Plate X.), it will be found that the subject has carried out a kind
of second fate. The date when this line left the Line of Life will give
the first date of its commencement, _i.e._, opposite it on the Fate Line.
If the line be a good one it would give its second date when reading down
the Line of Life, where, if the line were good, it carried out this
second fate to a successful culmination.

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